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SousSHE is a program that empowers black girls and young black women and encourages their continuous development through entrepreneurship, culinary, wellness, and artistic projects.

We Are SousSHE

SousSHE is a Women-Led initiative to create solutions and develop actionable processes to increase the investments in our girls and young women.

SousSHE is an organization with a vision to encourage young Black Girls and Women who are pursuing their culinary, entrepreneurial, civic and artistic dreams. Creating projects and programs that empower young black girls and women – raise awareness, provides needed resources, while collaborating with individuals and organizations that advocate for black girls and young black women.

We consult with different organizations to provide resources, aid, and advocacy. In addition to their exploration in the arts and culinary field, we promote investing and building trust, self-care,  fearlessness, and self-esteem motivation.

Donate to SousSHE directly or by shopping at our store to support our mission, to empower and educate young Black girls and women.  Your donations may be tax deductible.

Tax ID – 86-3810719

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Sis, Let’s Do Brunch...

A Sisterhood of conversations, coalition, and community building over brunch. Challenge narratives, champion wellness, and create space for other sisters to join us.  

Paint Me Empowered…What Do You See When You Look Within?

Paint Me Empowered

Donate to SousSHE

All donations will go towards our programming and event efforts to support our mission, to empower and educate young women. 

Black Girls Write

Black Girls Write


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