We Are SousSHE

SousSHE is a program that empowers young women and encourage their continuous development through food and other artistic ventures.  Under this program young women are  learning  the  essentials  of   nutrition, fusion,  self realization and more.  Our goal  is to  raise awareness, provide needed resources and help organizations that advocate for black girls &  young women.

SousSHE along with an array of activities formed under FiftySevenNorth fulfills a community need with a vision to encourage women to pursue their culinary and artistic dreams.  We consult with  different organizations to ensure resources  are available to them as they learn to advocate, invest & build trust within themselves.  In addition to their exploration in the arts and culinary field we  promote self-care,  fearlessness  & self-esteem motivation.

SousSHE began with an idea to connect with young women and girls through food.

Growing up as children we had women come into the community and introduce us to a world larger than where we lived. They did it through town halls, dinners, field trips and conversing with us. Giving us the opportunity to learn through their Struggles, their Onus, their Strength, their Superpowers and about being Empowered, being Dope, being Free, being Intentional and being Purposed.

There is strength in unity and we are responsible for our greatness and I want to be a part of you knowing that for yourself.

Join us at our summits, forums, brunches