Paint Me Empowered

Paint Me Empowered is one of our favorite activities to do in the community

Paint Me Empowered is one of our favorite activities to do in the community. We invite little Black Girls into a setting to feel empowered, encouraged and brag a little bit about themselves.Paint Me Empowered works to continually improve the quality of our programming by connecting with experienced art teachers to lead each program. With each program, we seek to improve the community and empower children who take part, with the belief that they can change the world for the better.

Paint Me Empowered…What Do You See When You Look Within?

Paint Me Empowered

Our projects tie in cross-curricular activities, such as math, writing, and creative problem-solving, with real-world applications to the subjects students learn in school. We work on designing civic art projects with a team of highly qualified artists, designers, teachers and contractors to provide girls with the best resources to teach them basic art skills while creating public art pieces.

Paint Me Empowered-Color The Rose & Claim Your Crown Fest 

Paint Me Empowered


Paint Me Empowered taps into the community healing framework and incorporates it into what
communities are already doing or may want to do to promote community healing. We operate
from the three main components of the community healing framework – Justice – a moral ideal
and a guiding principle, Storytelling and Resistance – cultural behaviors; and Connectedness,
collective memory, and critical consciousness.

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