Acceptance at the Tea

We had our seasonal, Sis, Let’s Do Brunch & Spill the Tea event to empower women through conversation of  shared  strengths & struggles. Fundamentally creating a space that women feel comfortable enough to talk about the often unspoken.

The brunch began at 11(so 11:30) and was set to end at 1:30. It ended at 4…the brunch anyway.

The tea was about acceptance, authenticity & vulnerability. Present were two young high school students who both divulged about the atmosphere of what it is to be accepted and the effects it has on them and their peers.  The overall consensus was that no matter how confident you feel, all the encouragement you get at home that need for acceptance never leaves. The women present rallied around the conversation assuring the teens this is not isolated. And so the conversation began…




There was talk of acceptance, purpose, affirming, love, battle scars, family and more. This was a takeaway…

We asked the young ladies what their aspirations were and who inspired them.  There was one young lady in particular who said she wanted to be a model.  There were cheers and yeses of acceptance throughout. We asked what made her come to that conclusion and was there anything else she aspired to be. She responded she also wanted to be a photographer.  Collectively the women asked what steps was she taking to to pursue this goal.  Her response was she hadn’t done anything yet. She’s always been told she’s pretty and she wanted to model.

Who Inspires you? We wanted to know.  She told us a model named, Indyamarie Jean Pelton. I did not know who that was, so I looked her up. Beautiful. What is it about Ms Indyamarie that inspires you? She responded, “because she came from nothing  became something.” That got lost on our other guests…not really, they wanted to know what does ‘coming from nothing’ and becoming ‘something’ mean to her. She wasn’t sure she just knew that was her story. With the assurance that she is a girl who comes from something she has a bit of a head start.

All of her life everyone has told her how beautiful she is. That’s a definite affirmation people should hear on a regular basis. However, if that’s all I’m hearing what’s my takeaway?  If all I am is pretty I guess I could be a model…even if that’s not what I want to be. I’ll take that because no one told me I could be anything else. No one encouraged or empowered me to be anything else, to be more.  Digging deeper and searching inside of myself for myself. How do I use that to fulfill my dream of modeling, acting, writing etc., if that’s what it is? Sometimes we get so afraid of being our true selves because we don’t want to disappoint the people, whomever those people are. For the record, IT IS OKAY NOT TO HAVE YOUR LIFE FIGURED OUT RIGHT NOW!!! That was the message. But if you have an idea of what you want to do…there’s resources for that.

If you want to model, be a photographer, artists, chef or an entrepreneur you can be. You have to hone your gifts and skills to live your purpose, your life and your next.

Let’s connect you with people who can do that for you… People that want to actually invest in your future with the only expectation on their return is success.

Sis, Let's Do Brunch & Spill the Tea

Our next Sis, Let’s Do Brunch & Spill the Tea will be February 18, 2018.  I hope you’ll join us. Our TEA will be on self-care, ownness and saying  YES!!!


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