“Every woman I have ever loved has left her print upon me, where I loved some invaluable piece of myself apart from me so different that I had to stretch and grow in order to recognize her. And in that growing, we came to separation, that place where work begins.”  Audre Lorde


The name SousSHE derives from the meaning subordinate, the underdog of _______; The antithesis of what She is not.  She the pronoun speaks for itself. SousShe is a lifestyle, a mantra…She Is! The person who’s not expected to excel.

It’s not proper to assume because I’m carrying the medical journal I want to become  a doctor. I just want to know what the doctor’s know.

SousSHE, along with an array of organized activities fulfills a community need with a vision to encourage women to pursue their culinary and artistic dreams.  Working alongside different organizations to encourage girls and young women to advocate, invest & build trust within themselves. In addition to their exploration in the arts and culinary field we promote self-care,  fearlessness  & self-esteem motivation. We’re committed to extending our reach to advocate and create pull in resources for women in our community…

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